Thursday, December 29, 2011

Balance or being realistic…

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Being a fitness trainer and competitor in the bodybuilding world (figure category), I have learned a lot - sometimes the hard way!  To compete in my last show I lost 40 pounds!  Yet, even personal trainers can get off track and let the pounds stack on.  Why does it seem so easy to gain weight and diminish our hard earned level of fitness but so damned difficult to lose weight and reclaim our fitness? Gaining weight just seems to be much more fun!

To compete in the “figure” world is quite extreme. To attain the desired level of leanness demanded by the sport takes a Herculean effort.  I have accomplished it four times, and it's terribly challenging!  It required two cardio sessions a day coupled with my personal weight lifting routine, while eating a strict diet of lean proteins, vegetables, and minimal amounts of complex carbohydrates.  For many months, this routine required me to dig deep!  Getting in shape and staying disciplined is not easy.  Sad but true.

So I empathize with my clients as we work towards our fitness goals together!  I have been at two extremes - chubby and  lean.  I feel like both extremes are not mentally or physically rewarding.  I want to live in balance and I'm sure that is the desired goal for most of us!  To be more in balance, we should strive to eat healthy at least 80% of the time, and “live it up” the other 20%. Enjoy a dinner out and a glass of wine with friends.  Each week work to maintain a consistent weight lifting routine coupled with daily cardio sessions.

My goal is to lead a more balanced life; to be fit and not too far from my goal weight. I feel we all have a target weight where we look and feel our best – emphasis here on feeling good! To achieve this, try to maintain a consistent cardio regime with resistance training 3 to 4 days a week. Always give yourself a rest day!  Eat a balanced diet (lots of fresh vegetables and lean proteins) and enjoy your life too!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Top 5 Gym Violations

OK we all like to people watch right? Oh come on, just admit it. Gyms are as good for that as your local nightclub. I am a regular at my local gym, and a slave to more cardio sessions than I care to admit. Long story short, I have had lots of time to observe the gym crowd? I have devised a list of my top five gym offenses, if I have missed one I would LOVE your feedback. Out of admiration for one of my all time favorite comedies "High Fidelity" here are my top 5:
1. Guys, socks with Not cool!
2. Again guys....sorry to pick on you, if you're going to wear minimal clothing PLEASE man scape! We don't want to see your back hair umkay?
3. No camping out on the equipment! MOVE! Isn't that the point? Let others "work in."
4. If you leave a pile of sweat the size of Lake Michigan behind, be kind, CLEAN IT UP! Someone might drown.
5. Don't try to talk to people when they are doing cardio speed intervals - especially when one is on the step mill - it is dangerous!
So, there you have it! Smile, be respectful and TRAIN HARD! See you in the gym.

Friday, June 24, 2011

JOURNEY TO THE SHOW (and show info)

It was Greg Anderson, a co- founder of the American Wellness Project and author, who has been credited with saying: “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” Yeah, tell that to anyone who is a bronze, silver, or gold medal winner. There is a certain euphoria in receiving a prize - whether it is a ribbon in a race or a diploma from school.

That often used phrase speaks to the spiritual and character building focus one should maintain while traveling to new places or working on special goals. Just savor each step and take it one day at a time. Stay in the present and breathe. Yes, one may find so many gifts during the journey that the actual destination is simply a fraction of the whole manifesting experience.

Yet, how many of us have wished that we could be transported immediately - like the teleportation machine Scotty operated on the Star Ship Enterprise? By just flipping a switch, cellular reconfiguration could magically move us into the next physical plane in seconds. Wouldn’t that be easy? Poof.

Sorry to bust your fantasy, but this is not the 24th century and there are no teleportation machines. To really transform requires immense desire and herculean hard work. It takes so much more effort and commitment than you can fathom - several hours a day, day in and day out - over many months and/or years. The work outs are grueling and the dieting is nearly impossible to maintain. It is incredibly character building. Everything you know and take for granted in this culture that can get you through your day, from a caramel latte in the morning to a cocktail after work, is forbidden. Anything resembling sugar or fat is off limits and denied. The hours and effort each day spent lifting weights and performing cardio is done on fumes from fish and lettuce.

Jenny told me it really is not about “looking” great – it is about learning how to reach down inside to your core and spirit and keep going when you want to quit. It is about how one can maintain the constant work, the denial of treats, and the commitment to reach the finish line. There remains only three weeks left to the Jeff Taylor Colorado State Bodybuilding/Fitness/Figure/Physique Championship show. My daughter Jennifer is a great competitor and always has been. She will not get nervous or intimidated at the last minute while she is up on stage. She knows that all the hard work came months and weeks before. The "show" is only a mere fraction of the whole spiritual journey.

Hugs and best wishes.

Love, Mom



Jeff Taylor Events Presents "The TOKYO JOES Colorado State Bodybuilding/Fitness/Figure/Bikini/Physique Championships"



EXDO Event Center @ 1399 35th Street Denver, CO 80205

Map Link:

DATE: JULY 16, 2011


Saturday, July 16, 8:30-11am: Prejudging for FITNESS/FIGURE/BIKINI
Saturday, July 16, 10am: PHYSIQUE/BODYBUILDING meeting at EXDO Event Center to drop off music and get competitor numbers at EXDO Event Center (See above link)

Saturday, July 16, 11:00 am: Prejudging for Bodybuilding
Saturday, July 16, 5pm: Finals FITNESS/FIGURE/BIKINI at EXDO Event Center
Saturday, July 16, 7pm: Finals for BODYBUILDING at EXDO Event Center

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey guys!

Hope your year is off to a good start! I met with my figure coach and trainer Sara Hurrle this morning...this may sound odd but I am really excited to have a new goal to compete and to have someone hold me accountable! You can trust that I am going to do all of my required work outs and follow my diet to a T!!!!! When you know you will have body fat tested every two weeks and progress photos it strengthens your put it mildly! Lol!

I hope you are all working toward your goals for health and fitness! And if you have questions or need support I am ALWAYS here to help! Let's support and inspire each other to make it happen!

Sending you all good mojo!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Year!

Happy New Years to all of you! The new year always makes me feel refelective yet optimistic! I always look back and see where I missed my mark and could have made better choices, and yet I am given a new year to make my dreams come true if I apply myself! My goal was to compete in April but I put on too much weight in my "off season" to make my goal attainable! My bad! See it even happens to Trainers...I have found an awesome trainer though, and she is going to hold me accountable! I am so excited to have a new goal and dream! I wish you all a great new year year! And if I can help you reach your dreams and attain your health and fitness goals that will make me happy!

Happy New Year!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Congratulations to LeAnn in her figure competition!

Now shouldn't all mothers of three kids look like this? Eat your heart out Angelina!

Photo taken at Max Muscle Mile High Natural Championships

Summer Saturday's at Red Rocks!!

NO this is not a concert...Fooled you huh? LOL!

Hello fellow fitness enthusiasts! I hope you are all enjoying your summer! Although I still have my Aurora boot-camp going on at Spring Hill Park on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays I have added an additional one. Where can we can all get together, enjoy the weather and get as hard as a rock? No better place to do that and tighten the glutes than at Red Rocks Ampitheater! We will be meeting this Saturday June 26th at 8:00 am! We will NOT be meeting Saturday, July 3rd (4th of July weekend). We will resume the following Saturday, July 10th and continue through the end of July! I love being up at Red Rocks and it is an awesome stair-stepping work out!

I can't wait to see you all! BTW bring water and a towel.

Wooo Hooo!