Thursday, September 29, 2011

Top 5 Gym Violations

OK we all like to people watch right? Oh come on, just admit it. Gyms are as good for that as your local nightclub. I am a regular at my local gym, and a slave to more cardio sessions than I care to admit. Long story short, I have had lots of time to observe the gym crowd? I have devised a list of my top five gym offenses, if I have missed one I would LOVE your feedback. Out of admiration for one of my all time favorite comedies "High Fidelity" here are my top 5:
1. Guys, socks with Not cool!
2. Again guys....sorry to pick on you, if you're going to wear minimal clothing PLEASE man scape! We don't want to see your back hair umkay?
3. No camping out on the equipment! MOVE! Isn't that the point? Let others "work in."
4. If you leave a pile of sweat the size of Lake Michigan behind, be kind, CLEAN IT UP! Someone might drown.
5. Don't try to talk to people when they are doing cardio speed intervals - especially when one is on the step mill - it is dangerous!
So, there you have it! Smile, be respectful and TRAIN HARD! See you in the gym.

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